I Was Not Meant For Mornings


If anyone knows me, I am not a morning person. For years I told myself, “I’m going to get up early and go for a run.” Failed. “I’m going to get up early and make breakfast.” Ha, Failed. “I’m going to watch the sunrise.” Failed, yet, again.

Like being expelled from a game, with the buzzard going off in the background, I finally had to realize that this… was not… my purpose.

Me dancing in sweet harmony of the sunlight, with the forest animals coming to my window, and my outfit all picked out, us all singing together so beau… yeah right.

So, I decided to stop playing with this fairy tale and let my stubborn ass sleep in to the very last minute, replace my breakfast with caffeine and hope that every part of me jolts awake from its buzz. That is my life… and I’m ok with it.

Ironic enough I was getting coffee the morning I looked out the window to see this view. Half asleep, I zombie stepped ALL the way back to the bedroom, grabbed my Canon and walked ALL the way back. “Please let there, at least, be a charge left in my battery. . . Yes.” Click. . . Click click. . . Success. Coffee.


©Jacquilyn Yeend Photography                        Canon Rebel T3: 75-300mm 11.25.14


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