Travel Itch


One of the most rejuvenating experiences I reward myself with is travel. One may say I’m a gypsy at heart, because if I’m in one place for just too long, I get the itch.

The itch where you just have to get “out”, if even just for a weekend. The “out,” of course, refers to “out of this area code” and “out of this area code” means “someplace new.” I can’t help but take in all newness and beauty, but most of all, I love feeling free. Care free.

This is what makes life great. This is what my soul craves.

Let my lungs breathe freedom, let my eyes see grace, and let my heart be filled with the joy it brings.

From the words of C.S. Lewis; “Some journeys take us far from home. Some adventures lead us to our destiny.

Travel onward, too, my friends.


©Jacquilyn Yeend Photography                         Canon Rebel T3: 75-300mm 11.24.14


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