The Lincoln Statue

Lincoln Statue

 I took this picture during my visit to Washington D.C. last November. I had never been to any of the monuments before in my life and when I stood in front of the Lincoln Statue, with his stern and powerful stare, I could only just stand there in silence, in amazement.

This was a moment that really struck me. I’ve never been the type of person who liked history, but it should mean something to me, because of the people who fought for our country, and for the people who have urged to change it for the better.

With the cold air circulating and sporadic voices whispering, I finally looked around and realized that I was not alone. It wasn’t just me in this room facing history; there were many of us and I think we all felt its power. _____________________________________________________________________

 ©Jacquilyn Yeend Photography                       Canon Rebel T3:75-300mm 11.24.14


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