Bug Fair


Growing up my grandma always said that I should be a teacher or entomologist. A teacher because I loved to be the positive influential, by educating my fellow, neighborhood peers; and an entomologist, because I had this crazy infatuation with insects.

So much in fact, that I could spend all day outside finding, capturing and examining these little guys. Ironically in the end, I would even throw a “bug fair,” so that everyone in the neighborhood could view all of my cool findings and learn about them too.

Much to my disbelief, the attendance at my “bug fairs” were never extraordinary. Even though such attempts to make them cool failed, to this day, I have a strong fascination with these tiny creatures. I just can’t help it. I could still spend all day trying to find each unique insect, capturing it in my lens and viewing it in triumph. Yes, you may think my obsession may be odd, by hey, maybe this is just my grown up way of sharing my “bug fair.” ______________________________________________________________

©Jacquilyn Yeend Photography                       Canon Rebel T3: 75-300mm 10.26.14


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