Resting Bitch Face

Happy Fellow

I took this incredibly, happy fellow’s headshot while visiting my mom in Florida. Now in my attempt to get his good side, I couldn’t help but think, “man, he is the most pissed off being I have ever seen.” Language aside, I just wanted to give him a therapy session and ask: “What’s troubling you, son?”

In reality, he was probably completely content and going about his joyful business, until I made him realize that his face offends. My question, in turn, would be the reason for his anger.

I only know because I, too, have had this question thrust upon me for no good reason. Many times I’d come to defend my own face; because I became the mood for which I was accused. My reaction to such assumption made me look guilty to the original suspicious, inquirer and thus made me lose the argument.

With sudden epiphany, I overruled such thought and acknowledged that this was indeed his face. His “resting bitch face.” How dare I assume he was so unhappy as others had done to me.

So in turn, I smiled, he winked, and we were immediately connected with our “bitch face” commonality. In the end, I continued on my merry way and he with his…both internally, of course.


©Jacquilyn Yeend Photography                    Canon Rebel T3: 75-300mm 6.20.14


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